Owner Bradley Cooper has been a qualified tradesman for over 35 years in the building industry.

Bradley started his career in the building industry as an apprentice plumber in 1976.

Further studies continued in post apprenticeship plumbing courses in heating and ventilation and pipeline design. 

Flowing on from this was a love of welding which resulted in many hours of study and  DLI certification in welding .

More study ensued in the area of buliding with the result being certificates in Building Construction, Science and Maths.

Bradley operated his own plumbing company from 1982 to 1988 specializing in bathroom and kitchen renovations.

This led to moving from plumbing to a position of building supervisor for a local building company in 1989. 

After moving to the position of buildilng manager at this company Bradley left and set up Rojo Constructions in 1991.